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Beyond Fest 2014: V/H/S: Viral (Movie Review)

One certainly cannot accuse the V/H/S series of not wanting to evolve.  Each film serves as a horror anthology based around the idea of genre directors using the ‘found footage’ to put together some extremely messed up films, but this series has also attempted to grow its mythology and find new and wilder approaches to […]


Rachel’s Rant on V/H/S – Just Seen It

Rachel channels the little ghost girl from the new horror thriller V/H/S. Starring Rachel Appelbaum. Directed by Cullen Metcalf-Kelly. WATCH US ON PBS SOCAL Saturdays at 6PM or pbssocal.org/justseenit


V/H/S Movie Review – Just Seen It

Rachel, Liz and Sean comment on this found-footage horror anthology. Starring Rachel Appelbaum, Liz Manashil and Sean Wright. Directed by Amy Taylor. Synopsis: A group of misfits are hired to burglarize a desolate house. Their mission is to retrieve a rare video tape. But when they break in, they find a dead body and more than they imagined. […]