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John Wick (Blu-ray Review)

I could start and stop my film review section with Why So Blu reviewer Aaron Neuwirth’s comments on my theatrical review of John Wick where he left the following remarks.  “A dude with long hair, a dog, and Mustang beats up Theon Greyjoy.  Of course you loved this movie.”  He also went on to add […]


John Wick Lets The Good Times Roll on Blu-ray This February!

If you don’t come out of your John Wick viewing pumped up, then there’s something wrong with you medically speaking.  The film has it all: money, cars (oh the American muscles cars), gangs, guns, girls, violence, puppies, loud rock music and some good old-fashioned hardcore action, something sorely missing from most flicks nowadays because of that watered […]


‘John Wick’ Serves Revenge With Heated Attachment (Movie Review)

I normally don’t do this, nor have I ever done this before, but I can’t help it.  I need to start this John Wick movie review off by quickly discussing the plot of the film from a very high level because it’s actually the very reason why I wanted to see this film.  Keanu Reeves […]