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Beau Is Afraid (Blu-ray Review)

Ari Aster has been one of the marquee filmmakers in the A24 roster, helping to build up the brand to the following it has today. After Hereditary and Midsommar, 2023 brought us his opus in Beau Is Afraid. The film, of course, was released to divisive reviews and a lower box office. But, Aster had […]


The Craft: Legacy (Blu-ray Review)

Everyone wants their franchise to have Blumhouse take the reigns these days. And I’m not of the opinion to argue against it as I love Jason Blum’s low budget business model. Cult classic teen horror film The Craft is the latest to get the Blumhouse treatment with The Craft: Legacy. Reaching us over the Halloween […]


Lola Versus (Blu-ray Review)

It can be stated as an “art house romantic comedy,” but it is still a regular romantic comedy.  Lola Versus may play out in its own sort of way, but it very much follows a lot of the same patterns that these types of films tend to have.  That does not make it bad, as […]


Lola Versus Blu-Ray This September

Lola Versus is, by all means, a fairly standard “chick flick“ that is somewhat different due to the fact that it was made with the spirit of a quirky, indie comedy.  It is about a woman who is dumped before her wedding and makes a lot of bad decisions on her way to restarting her […]


NBFF Review: Lola Versus

To go a completely different direction from Detention of the Dead, the first film I saw at the Newport Beach Film Festival on Wednesday night, May 2, 2012, the follow up screening was an offbeat romantic comedy, starring an actress who is currently a fixture of independent and art house features, Greta Gerwig.  Lola Versus […]