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LA Film Festival 2018 – ‘What To See’

For those who says there’s simply not enough films to watch these days, it’s time for naysayers to rejoice – film festival time!  That’s right you eager movie maniacs, the amazing and inspired looking Los Angeles Film Festival 2018 is about to hit and this year is looking to be as tasty as ever.  Taking place September 20-28 at various Arclight Cinemas and other movie houses around LA (hit up www.lafilmfestival.com for all the Indie cinema skinny!), LA Film Fest 2018 boasts such a diverse and daring line up that it truly has to be seen to be believed.  From tales of masked Latino vigilantes to African American revenge thrillers the fest is once again movie mirroring the melting pot in which it’s located.

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LA Film Festival 2017 – Best Of Fest ‘Wrap Up’

While a cinematic calm has come over the recent LA Film Festival 2017, there’s still some final thoughts for us here at WhySoBlu.com.  Amidst the gems and duds reviewed there were a few special notables that require a secondary shout out as being stellar damn fine film contributions.  So as is standard with any cool fest coverage for a finale we’re highlighting those who stood and let their movie moves wash over us like a smooth silky cinematic wave.  Stand and be recognized for the genius you embody (and we appreciate you!) – here are our picks of the….

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LA Film Festival 2017 – Final Film Reviews

The films have unspooled, the curtain is about to come down and even here at WhySoBlu.com we’re officially winding down our very comprehensive coverage of the LA Film Festival 2017.  It’s been an awesome entertaining affair with ups, downs and most importantly an all out celebration of all things indie cinema.  Trying to procure as many flicks under the viewing belt as possible below are the final nine titles dissected and given their respective critical skinny.  Unique zombie tales, forest fright nights, strange neighbors, missing husbands, colorful comedies, road trips flicks, the traps of being a new parent, witness thrillers and one damn disappointing doc on the late Whitney Houston make up the encapsulated reviews below of It Stains The Sands Red, Desolation, The Neighbor, And Then There Was Eve, Fat Camp, Your Own Road, 20 Weeks, Never Here and Nick Broomfield’s Whitney: Can I Be Me. Continue reading ‘LA Film Festival 2017 – Final Film Reviews’


LA Film Festival 2017 – More Film Reviews

Films, films and more…films.  (LA Fest style!)  We here at WhySoBlu.com are trying to keep up with the cinematic offerings of the ongoing LA Film Fest 2017 (taking place June 14-22 at various Arclight Cinemas and theaters around LA – go to www.lafilmfest.com for more details!) and it’s a long movie race for sure.  Full of dramas, docs, comedies and carnage, this year’s crop is definitely a diverse group of flicks geared to fans with different indie tastes.  So below is the second wave of Encapsulated Movie Reviews via LAFF 2017 – the good, the bad and the…curious.  Father/son stories, docs on animated primates (and the people who make them!) and sperm donors, the horrors of aging, young killers in training, the power of money (and not having it!) and tales of teenage angst – all given critical skinny for your consideration!  Check out the reviews of LAFF hopefuls Humor Me, Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators, Thank You For Coming, Replace, My Friend Dahmer, Beauty Mark and And Then I Go below.  Continue reading ‘LA Film Festival 2017 – More Film Reviews’


LA Film Festival 2017 – First Film Reviews

It’s officially underway and the flicks show no sign of stopping!  Yup, the Los Angeles Film Festival 2017 (taking place June 14-22 at various Arclight Cinemas and theaters around LA – go to www.lafilmfest.com for more details!) has begun to display its movie wares and WhySoBlu.com is gloriously taking them all in.  We’ve seen a few more than reviewed below, but bound by dates that they unspool at the fest we’re sworn to cinematic secrecy until public release.  (And yes, there are some terrifically tasty ones already viewed!)  But since this fest happens over a mere nine days a modicum of movie reviews will have to do for now (have no fear – next week will be a multi-numbered one!), so here are three first flicks given some critical skinny for your consideration. Boxing docs, science guys dissected and unwelcome houseguests all make an appearance – check out the LAFF 2017 Encapsulated Movie Reviews of CounterPunch, Bill Nye: Science Guy and The Housemaid below! Continue reading ‘LA Film Festival 2017 – First Film Reviews’


LA Film Festival 2017 – ‘What To See’

For those here in LA the film fest fever never stops as witnessed by the myriad of movie gatherings in the month of June alone.  So up next in our WhySoBlu.com comprehensive coverage is a famed fest so prestigious and well known that a cinema celeb sighting is all but guaranteed – it’s time for Los Angeles Film Festival 2017!  Taking place June 14-22 at various Arclight Cinemas and other theaters around LA (go to www.lafilmfest.com for more details!), this year’s cinematic crop promises to be more memorable flick filled than ever before and we’re super excited to partake in the wares within.  So to start the journey off right we’re taking first look at some of the more savory selections that the fest has to offer and the choices were not easy to narrow down.  From the doc delights of filmmaker Nick Broomfield to a new movie featuring my 2015 LAFF Best of Fest actor award winner Jemaine Clement (love that guy!), there’s much to enjoy.  So follow us on a LAFF 2017 film journey of…“What To See!” Continue reading ‘LA Film Festival 2017 – ‘What To See’’