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The Walk (Blu-ray Review)

Academy Award® winning Director Robert Zemeckis, (Best Director, Forrest Gump, 1994) uses cutting edge technology to bring to life the true story of THE WALK, debuting on Digital HD Dec. 22 and on Two-Disc 3D Blu-ray™Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD Jan. 5 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper) stars as Philippe Petit, a […]


‘The Walk’ Thrills With “High-Tension” Moments (Movie Review)

Ever since I saw the trailer for The Walk in IMAX at a screen of Mad Max: Fury Road I have been enthralled about seeing it.  The weird thing though is I hate heights.  However, I’m oddly drawn to that vertigo feeling seeing a film such as The Walk on a large IMAX screen can […]


Formulaic Family Hijinks Found In ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ (Movie Review)

This is Where I Leave You is the kind of film that walks the line between being aware it is not treading new ground, but still wants to make you happy, based on all the talented actors involved, and treating its subject matter in a more serious manner.  It is a film featuring characters that are […]


‘Turbo’ Allows Us To Watch A Speedy Escargot (Movie Review)

Turbo presents the idea of a snail racing in the Indy 500.  There are reasons why this happens and the fact that the film is animated and intended for children allows for an obvious amount of suspension of disbelief, but let me reiterate that this is a film that presents the idea of a Snail […]


House Of Lies: The First Season (DVD Review)

House of Lies is a Showtime series based on the book by Martin Kihn, which presents a dark comedy focused on a management consultant and his team.  Despite not receiving universal acclaim, the series was popular enough during its first season run, with the second season of the series debuting this January.  I missed this […]


‘Peep World’ Is An Uneven Look At A Dysfunctional Family

There are ways to make a dysfunctional-family comedy work.  Arrested Development will go down as one of the great comedy television shows of all time, because of the wide range of talent split between all of the different members of the family, the dynamic of those relationships, and how super sharp and hilarious the writing […]