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Renfield: Dracula Sucks Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Renfield was a project that sounded interesting and kept getting more and more interesting with casting, production details and then a pretty dynamite little trailer. And for the most part, the film absolutely delivered. Unfortunately, it didn’t deliver to enough people, being one of the more high profile unsuccessful films of 2023. Regardless, the Nicolas […]


The LEGO Batman Movie (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Two years ago, one of the dumber, bad ideas came to fruition: The LEGO Movie. Sure, really young kids would go and enjoy, yeah. But, they can deserve better. Low and behold, it was BETTER and one of the best films of the year and animated films of the last ten years. Everything was awesome! […]


‘The LEGO Batman Movie’ Features The Miniature Hero We Deserve (Movie Review)

In another world, it would not be too surprising to say this latest cinematic Batman adventure is a homerun. However, given how troubling things have been for the Dark Knight just last year, I am even happier to say just how enjoyable The LEGO Batman Movie really is. Given how awesome and surprisingly insightful 2014’s […]