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The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (Blu-ray Review)

The werewolf sub-genre of horror is quite possibly one of the more frequently explored and quite possibly the one that tends to entice rather easily. Some can take it in a new direction, some can have impressive make-up work and some can be notable if just for a moment in the film. The Wolf of […]


Knives Out (4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Review)

When it comes to modern filmmakers, Rian Johnson is an instant ticket purchased no matter what he’s doing. He’s proven over and over a knowledgeable student of film and a clever, thoughtful filmmaker with a fantastic ideology in the world of story craft and character work. The fact that this guy went and tackled an […]


The LEGO Batman Movie (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Two years ago, one of the dumber, bad ideas came to fruition: The LEGO Movie. Sure, really young kids would go and enjoy, yeah. But, they can deserve better. Low and behold, it was BETTER and one of the best films of the year and animated films of the last ten years. Everything was awesome! […]


Hell Baby (Blu-ray Review)

After reviewing fun the horror-comedies Big Ass Spider! and Bad Milo, it seemed like I was on a pretty good streak as far as this genre was concerned.  I really wish I could have liked Hell Baby more.  Some of the creators of The State and Reno 911 have gotten together to make a horror […]


‘Much Ado About Nothing’, Whedon Addition (Movie Review)

Writer/director Joss Whedon is in a pretty good place right now.  He is coming off making one of the biggest films ever (The Avengers), which had the bonus pleasure of being pretty universally well-liked, and has essentially elevated from being loved by geek audiences all over to being a filmmaker who has the ability to […]


WonderCon 2013: Much Ado About Nothing

Following The Avengers, many were curious what the next thing for writer, director, and all-around geek icon Joss Whedon would be.  Obviously taking on a modern day retelling of a famous Shakespeare play was the perfect project to take on.  Okay, so maybe a Joss Whedon adaptation of the popular comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, […]