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Wonder and Thrills Delivered in J.J. Spielberg’s in ‘Super 8’

Before the J.J. Abrams directed film, Super 8, begins, the film is stamped with the Amblin production logo.  Amblin is a production company created by Steven Spielberg back in 1981.  When that logo began to appear on the outset of not only Spielberg films, but films directed by other filmmakers he had influenced, it would […]


J.J. Abrams Delivers a “Mint” Production in SUPER 8

This is going to be mostly a stream of consciousness so hold on tight.  Sometimes I’ll talk with big words like I’m pretending to be smart and other times I will speak with the verbal acuity of a middle school child.  So let’s do this!  Super 8 is one of the most original movies I […]


Sofia Coppola’s Latest Will Either Take You ‘Somewhere’ or Nowhere

Recommending a film like writer/director Sofia Coppola’s latest feature, Somewhere, comes with a certain kind of note: as a person well traveled in various types of theatrical features, I found a lot to appreciate in this film; however, the way that it has been assembled and what it has to offer will most likely appeal more to those with a slant towards arthouse-type cinema and more obscure features. I am not a fan of so specifically dropping a film into a certain category and only recommending certain people to see it, but that being said, if you know about this film already or are familiar with Coppola’s previous work, you probably know what you would be getting yourself into.