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Let’s Have a ‘Poker Night’ Blu-ray Giveaway!

I checked the trailer out down below and I’m still not sure what’s happening in this one, but it sounds like it involves gambling and Giancarlo Esposito is in it so count me in.  The tale of Poker Night goes a little something like this.  In this twisted thriller, a young detective becomes an unwilling […]


Poker Night (Blu-ray Review)

Poker Night, a movie that doesn’t really have much to do with the game of poker itself.  So, if for some reason the box art isn’t telling you already of that fact, then let this be that sort of disclaimer for you.  The film is a crime thriller from Greg Francis, a man who looks […]


‘Poker Night’ on Blu-ray & DVD February 10!

In this twisted thriller, a young detective becomes an unwilling participant in a sadistic game of cat-and-mouse when he is kidnapped by a masked serial killer. In order to survive, the detective must use the wisdom imparted to him by senior detectives on their regular poker night. 


Super 8 (Blu-ray Review)

That high flying duo known as J.J. Abrams and some guy named Steven Spielberg are back with their latest coming-of-age/science fiction story in Super 8. The trailers and promotional material did absolutely nothing to quench the thirst of the uber geeky. All we saw was a bunch of kids making a super 8 film, a […]