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Poker Night (Blu-ray Review)

Poker Night, a movie that doesn’t really have much to do with the game of poker itself.  So, if for some reason the box art isn’t telling you already of that fact, then let this be that sort of disclaimer for you.  The film is a crime thriller from Greg Francis, a man who looks […]


Brandon’s Bodacious TOP 10 Blu-rays Of 2013!

It’s my turn!  No need for a preamble as to what goes into the generalities of crafting these Top 10 lists as the gents before me all did a fine job of explaining.  2012 provided what seemed like all the remaining “Must Have” box sets, leaving 2013 seeming kind of empty handed on the surface.  […]


Comic Con 2012: Legendary Pictures – Pacific Rim And Godzilla

Between the Marvel Studios panel and the presentation that Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures had lined up for Hall H on Saturday at Comic Con, fans were in for all sorts of greatness to be shown to them, given that they were able to get into the very packed room.  All the waiting done by […]