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Brandon’s Bodacious TOP 10 Blu-rays Of 2013!

It’s my turn!  No need for a preamble as to what goes into the generalities of crafting these Top 10 lists as the gents before me all did a fine job of explaining.  2012 provided what seemed like all the remaining “Must Have” box sets, leaving 2013 seeming kind of empty handed on the surface.  […]


FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE COMPLETE COLLECTION Finally Slashes It’s Way to Blu – Friday, September 13th!

The wait is finally over!  All of Jason Voorhees machete wielding adventures will finally be gracing blu-ray players on Friday, September 13th.  Both of Jason’s slasher icon colleagues, Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers, have already had their full oeuvre on blu-ray for a while now, so it’s high time Jason finally got his.  Thanks to […]


‘Friday the 13th’ Ultimate Collector’s Set on DVD October 4th

Take a ride down memory lane with everyone’s favorite psychotic killer Jason Voorhees in the to-die-for DVD set FRIDAY THE 13TH THE ULTIMATE COLLECTION arriving just in time for Halloween on October 4, 2011 from Paramount Home Entertainment.  When the original Friday The 13th debuted in 1980, it captured audiences’ imaginations and permeated our collective […]