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‘The Founder’ Has A Well Done Screenplay Served With Undercooked Direction (Movie Review)

The story behind McDonald’s is almost as fascinating as the world’s obsession with the McRib. The Founder is a straightforward attempt to tell that story (of the history, not the pork sandwich), with a focus on Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into what it would come be today, for better or worse. Given […]


The Invitation (Blu-ray Review)

With the rise of video on-demand, the line between major theatrical releases and films that seemingly go straight-to-video is starting to become blurred. Such is the case of a lot of thrillers not featuring major stars. The Invitation has every right to be appreciated as much as other horror/thrillers that pass as mainstream entertainment, but […]


Paul is Rude, Crude and Downright Lovable!

Continuing the recent streak of films I covered panels for at last year’s Comic-Con comes a science fiction comedy like none other from the brains behind Hot Fuzz.  Of course I’m talking about the aptly named film Paul.  And E.T. thought he was special for having a feature named after himself.  LOL.   What I […]