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The Little Things (Blu-ray Review)

The Little Things came and went as a blip on the HBO Max radar earlier this year.  Middling reviews, and some tepid audience response made things a little interesting for me.  A 90’s throwback thriller with some twists, and a dynamite main cast had me wondering if there was just a lost audience for a […]


The Founder (Blu-ray Review)

Food, folks and now a film. I’m lovin’ it. Okay, I’ll stop with the silly McDonald’s puns. Like the fast food empire it became, everyone pretty much knows the name Ray Kroc when you hear it. You know him just like you know Colonel Sanders in association with KFC. He’s someone studied in the history, […]


The Blind Side (Blu-ray Review)

Cinderalla stories are not always abundant, and that even holds true for the fictional ones, brought forth from the creative mind of someone whose paper or computer is their canvas.  Take Michael Lewis for instance.  Here is an author who decided to write a story about a rags-to-riches scenario with a little bit of good […]


‘Blind Side’ an Eye Opener

Upon the conclusion of 2009, some of us staff here at Why So Blu will be compiling our own unique top-ten lists of our favorite films this year.  The Blind Side will be on mine.  This absolutely brilliant piece of work was not from the thought factory of some Hollywood writers or producers.  Instead, this […]