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‘Lucky’ [Eureka Entertainment] on Blu-ray & DVD November 12!

John Carroll Lynch’s directorial debut featuring Harry Dean Stanton (Cool Hand Luke; Alien; Paris, Texas; Repo Man) in one of his last starring roles.  Lucky follows the spiritual journey of Harry Dean Stanton s character Lucky , a cantankerous, self-reliant 90 year old atheist, and the quirky characters that inhabit the Arizona town where he […]


SDCC 2017: American Horror Story: CULT

We’ve known for a while that the newest season of AHS would center around the presidential election, but until now, there’s been no word on a title. A series of videos at CC revealed both a new look and the title: “Cult.” Of course, there’s not much provided, but you can’t go wrong with a […]


The Founder (Blu-ray Review)

Food, folks and now a film. I’m lovin’ it. Okay, I’ll stop with the silly McDonald’s puns. Like the fast food empire it became, everyone pretty much knows the name Ray Kroc when you hear it. You know him just like you know Colonel Sanders in association with KFC. He’s someone studied in the history, […]


‘The Founder’ Has A Well Done Screenplay Served With Undercooked Direction (Movie Review)

The story behind McDonald’s is almost as fascinating as the world’s obsession with the McRib. The Founder is a straightforward attempt to tell that story (of the history, not the pork sandwich), with a focus on Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into what it would come be today, for better or worse. Given […]


The Invitation (Blu-ray Review)

With the rise of video on-demand, the line between major theatrical releases and films that seemingly go straight-to-video is starting to become blurred. Such is the case of a lot of thrillers not featuring major stars. The Invitation has every right to be appreciated as much as other horror/thrillers that pass as mainstream entertainment, but […]


Paul is Rude, Crude and Downright Lovable!

Continuing the recent streak of films I covered panels for at last year’s Comic-Con comes a science fiction comedy like none other from the brains behind Hot Fuzz.  Of course I’m talking about the aptly named film Paul.  And E.T. thought he was special for having a feature named after himself.  LOL.   What I […]