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Own THE SEDUCTION Starring Morgan Fairchild On Blu-ray May 21st!

On May 21, The Seduction, the steamy stalker thriller starring Morgan Fairchild and Andrew Stevens comes to Blu-ray™ from Scream Factory. Bonus features include brand new interviews with Morgan Fairchild, Andrew Stevens, and producer Bruce Cohn Curtis, and more. The Seduction will be available for pre-order from Scream Factory and Amazon.com. . .


TV Terrors: The Initiation Of Sarah/Are You In The House Alone? (DVD Review)

TV movies aren’t quite what they used to be decades ago.  Made for TV films were big deals leading all the way up to the start of the 2000s.  There were big events, like a mini series or a movie of the week.  I think we could all recall our favorite Stephen King mini-series event […]