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‘Tumbledown’ on Blu-ray & DVD April 5th

Starz Digital’s comedic love story, Tumbledown starring, Rebecca Hall (The Gift, The Town, The Prestige), Jason Sudeikis  ( Horrible Bosses, Sleeping with Other People ), Dianna Argon ( I Am Number Four, The Family, “Glee”), Blythe Danner (The Lucky One, Meet the Parents), Griffin Dunne (Dallas Buyers Club, “House of Lies”), Joe Manganiello (Magic Mike, […]


TV Terrors: The Initiation Of Sarah/Are You In The House Alone? (DVD Review)

TV movies aren’t quite what they used to be decades ago.  Made for TV films were big deals leading all the way up to the start of the 2000s.  There were big events, like a mini series or a movie of the week.  I think we could all recall our favorite Stephen King mini-series event […]


Find Out If You’re ‘The Lucky One’

Vanilla can be an underrated flavor.  The Lucky One is a film that does everything as one would expect it to do and has little shading to really differentiate it from what one expects a romantic drama to be.  It has several impossibly nice characters, one jerk, and plenty of adorable animals living in a […]


Waiting For Forever (Blu-ray Review)

There comes a time when you are given an assignment that you don’t really want, but deep down you do want if even for pure aesthetic value.  Those “aesthetics” would be Rachel Bison.  Whether Waiting For Forever would be good or not is secondary.  There are those times where you just have to set aside […]


‘Little Fockers’ Was Kind of Focking Funny

I don’t know why I wanted to see Little Fockers more, for my love of the first two films or that the lovely Jessica Alba would be partaking in the newest entry of Meet The Parents?  However, I will say this.  I have become less and less enchanted with Mrs. Alba every time she opens […]