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‘Bombshell’ Has Plenty To Offer Under The Surface (Movie Review)

Bombshell is a film I’m only here for because of the 3 leading women, most notably Harley Quinn…err I mean Margot Robbie.  I pretty much will see anything with her nowadays, but I digress.  Other than that I had originally thought there was really no reason for me to be here.  While I am totally […]


All the Way (Blu-ray Review)

All the Way exists in a strange space for films where it is packed on with talent and amazing performances, but was made for HBO to be shown on the premium channel instead of in theaters, where its message, cast, writing, and brilliance would have a greater chance to be celebrated by a larger audience. […]


The Campaign Movie Review – Just Seen It

Teresa, Aaron and Greg vote on whether this movie is worthy of a SEE IT! Watch our review and cast your ballot! Starring Teresa Lo (@TeresaLo_Tweets), Aaron Fink, Greg Karber. Directed by Sean Wright. Synopsis: Incumbent Congressman Cam Brady makes a misstep that threatens his reelection. So two corrupt CEOs, wishing to control their district, select the […]


‘The Campaign’ Is Sturdy Candidate

For all the big budget, summer action/sci-fi/fantasy flicks that have recently come out, it is nice to also get the big budget, carefree comedy around this time of year as well.  The Campaign is a silly comedy that revolves around Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as rivals in an election, where both men are in […]


‘Little Fockers’ Was Kind of Focking Funny

I don’t know why I wanted to see Little Fockers more, for my love of the first two films or that the lovely Jessica Alba would be partaking in the newest entry of Meet The Parents?  However, I will say this.  I have become less and less enchanted with Mrs. Alba every time she opens […]