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Consider Your Options Before Accepting ‘Admission’ (Movie Review)

Admission is a film that I do not have anything against, for what it is, but I also do not have a whole lot to say about it, as the film is pretty bland.  At this point, I saw the film a few weeks ago and it really did not make much of a lasting […]


Admission Movie Review – Just Seen It

Watch us on National Public Television – check your local listing for show times! Brenna, Rachel and Kevin review this new comedy about getting accepted starring Tina Fey and Paul Rudd.


‘Little Fockers’ Was Kind of Focking Funny

I don’t know why I wanted to see Little Fockers more, for my love of the first two films or that the lovely Jessica Alba would be partaking in the newest entry of Meet The Parents?  However, I will say this.  I have become less and less enchanted with Mrs. Alba every time she opens […]