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Take The Time And Enjoy ‘The Sessions’

The Sessions is the kind of film that could easily be brushed aside, given the premise.  You could boil it down to its basic parts:  a crippled man meets someone new and overcomes some sort of adversity, and just think of it as plain Oscar bait.  There is also the chance that someone could find […]


The Lincoln Lawyer (Blu-ray Review)

I am thrilled that a new Matthew McConaughey movie has arrived at my door.  While I love Matthew McConaughey in a completely superficial way (he’s hot), I’m glad to see that this isn’t the millionth Matthew McConaughey romantic comedy.  While he does a great job as a romantic comedy lead, most of those movies are […]


Don’t Judge Until You See The Lincoln Lawyer on Blu-ray

Here’s a film I don’t know much about other than the fact that I thought its trailer looked good and I was upset that I was away on a business trip when I had a chance to attend the press screening for it.  So I guess it’s redemption day when the movie of the moment […]


Benny & Joon (Blu-ray Review)

You gotta love the early 90’s when it comes to films and filmmaking.  The fashion sense was still transitioning from the 80’s, so there was that learning curve that we all had to get through.  Johnny Depp was nowhere near a superstar back then, but was still seen as one of the few recognizable actors […]


Hitch A Ride With ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’, If You Can Afford It

For a March release coming out a week after winter’s summer film – Battle: Los Angeles, it certainly feels like The Lincoln Lawyer is quite the event itself.  Ads have been everywhere for this movie, but I can certainly see its appeal.  There is a large list of actors involved, the story is based off […]


Boogie Nights (Blu-ray Review)

Most of my movie-loving friends have already seen Boogie Nights while I had not.  Considering the film had as much popularity as it did and it’s well over a decade old now, it was high time I sat down for a watch of this flick.  I heard fragments of the content here and there so […]