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The Many Saints of Newark (Blu-ray Review)

There was always going to be a tricky line to walk with The Many Saints of Newark. Making a prequel film to The Sopranos, one of the most acclaimed TV series of all time, means trying to show an audience something that feels familiar yet new. Fortunately, creator David Chase is smart enough to put […]


I – – Went – – to – – see – – The Art – – of – – Self Defense (Movie Review)

So as you know I – – went – – to see – – The Art – – of – – Self Defense.  And it – – was – -great! To give you guys a little insight… I had no idea this film was coming out. My expectations for this film were quite low due […]


The Wizard of Lies (Blu-ray Review)

Inmate #61727054. Surely that’s a number that proves irrelevant to most of us. We live in a land where prisoners are more than abundant. However, some are more famous than others and few more so than inmate #61727054, better known as Bernard L. Madoff. Bernie Madoff lived up to his last name and ‘made off’ […]


Critically Acclaimed, Gripping Crime Drama A Most Violent Year Arrives on Blu-ray and DVD April 7

Golden Globe® nominee Oscar Isaac (Best Actor, Inside Llewyn Davis, 2014) and Academy Award®nominee Jessica Chastain (Best Actress, Zero Dark Thirty, 2012) star alongside Golden Globe® nominee David Oyelowo (Best Actor, Selma, 2015), Alessandro Nivola (Selma) and Academy Award® nominee Albert Brooks (Best Supporting Actor, Broadcast News, 1987) in the gangster-filled crime-thriller A Most Violent […]


‘A Most Violent Year,’ A Most Wonderful Film (Movie Review)

There is something I find fascinating about a man struggling not to be a criminal.  This was something played to near-perfection by Al Pacino in The Godfather films, but it is a character type that we have seen a lot in the crime and gangster films before and since those first two ‘masterpieces.’  In regards […]


SELMA – Watch the First Trailer For The New Film About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We have had announcements about Star Wars, Hobbit, Toy Story 4, and more today, but this post certainly does not seem to pale in comparison, as it is about the trailer for a new film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which is looking to garner a lot of attention this awards season. David Oyelowow stars […]