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‘A Most Violent Year,’ A Most Wonderful Film (Movie Review)

There is something I find fascinating about a man struggling not to be a criminal.  This was something played to near-perfection by Al Pacino in The Godfather films, but it is a character type that we have seen a lot in the crime and gangster films before and since those first two ‘masterpieces.’  In regards […]


All Is Lost (Blu-ray Review)

Academy Award winner Robert Redford stars in ALL IS LOST, an open-water thriller about one man’s battle for survival against the elements after his sailboat is destroyed at sea. Using only a sextant and nautical maps to chart his progress, he is forced to rely on ocean currents to carry him into a shipping lane […]


‘All Is Lost’ With Old Redford And The Sea (Movie Review)

All is Lost is a film that allows the viewer to watch physical acting taken to an extreme.  It does not involve fight scenes or skillful choreography, though it can be incredibly exciting to watch at times. What it really involves is a lone figure going through incredibly difficult trials in order to ensure his […]