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‘Good Time’ Is A Riveting, Neon-Lit, Late Night Crime Odyssey (Movie Review)

Plenty of appreciation goes to a film that has me so wrapped up in its urgency that it feels like a jolt when it comes to an end. Good Time presents such an experience. The Palme d’Or nominee presents itself as a modern After Hours, with atmospheric and visceral qualities that call to mind films […]


The Brothers Grimsby (Blu-ray Review)

It appears I have very defined limits when it comes to the humor of Sacha Baron Cohen. A lot of his edgy stuff tends to be funny in the moment, but it rarely sticks with me. Obviously that kind of humor works best for him when it’s a mix of candid moments set in reality […]


‘Eye In The Sky’ Targets Tricky Subject Matter (Movie Review)

In an age where drone warfare has become a go-to topic for many action blockbusters dabbling in societal commentary, Eye in the Sky pauses everything to go over what it means to carry out one drone mission. With a fine cast in place, director Gavin Hood manages to build plenty of tension over the course […]


CAPTAIN PHILLIPS Ships Out On Blu-ray This January

As if Tom Hanks had more to prove, Captain Phillips gives him the chance to truly shine as a performer and deliver one of his best performances of all time.  Not to under credit the rest of the film, the Paul Greengrass docudrama was a fantastic film filled with tension and well worth checking out (my […]


‘Captain Phillips’ On Somali Tides (Movie Review)

There are many great moments in Captain Phillips, the drama that recreates the true story of a hijacking of a container vessel by Somali pirates that took place in 2009, based on the memoir of Captain Richard Phillips.  One moment that comes to mind is a look that Tom Hanks gives during an early part […]