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The Brothers Grimsby (Blu-ray Review)

It appears I have very defined limits when it comes to the humor of Sacha Baron Cohen. A lot of his edgy stuff tends to be funny in the moment, but it rarely sticks with me. Obviously that kind of humor works best for him when it’s a mix of candid moments set in reality […]


Don’t Look Too Closely And You’ll Find Fun In ‘Now You See Me’ (Movie Review)

Now You See Me is the kind of movie that is both a lot of fast-paced fun throughout and still annoying due to how clever it thinks it is.  I can see a large audience enjoying this movie quite a bit, as everything is moving so quickly that there is rarely a chance to stop […]


Clash of the Titans – 2010 (Blu-ray Review)

After recently suffering through the original 1981 Clash of the Titans on Blu-ray (see review here), my apprehension towards this 2010 remake was quickly relinquished after only the first ten minutes into my theatrical press screening.  I was pleasantly surprised, instantly enchanted and obsessively engrossed within the mythical fantasy world brought to life using the […]