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Warcraft (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Warcraft is a fantasy adventure film that I can honestly say I know next to nothing about going into this 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray review.  Many years ago, in another life, I remember my co-worker talking about the Blizzard video game of the same name.  He passionately spoke about it pretty much every day.  I […]


Oliver Stone Exposes ‘Snowden’ Pretty Plainly (Movie Review)

Putting acclaimed and occasionally controversial writer/director Oliver Stone behind the lens for a movie about Edward Snowden seemed like an intriguing proposition. It could be a film to take him out of the funk he’s been in for quite some time now. At 69 years of age, Stone’s intentions can certainly be interesting, but why […]


World of Warcraft, The Cinematic Adventure

When I first watched the trailer for the World of Warcraft movie I was upset. I saw a franchise that was so rich in lore, and had such a large and hardcore fan base, but such a terrible looking movie. I remember finding the trailer on my Facebook newsfeed, watching it, scrolling away, then going back to […]


The World Of ‘Warcraft’ Is Vast, Ambitious And Ultimately Unsatisfying (Movie Review)

With Warcraft, any inherent silliness that comes from seeing this live-action video adaptation is pushed to the side thanks to tremendous visual effects that effectively incorporate real facial expressions to develop truly believable CG characters. Sadly, this only concerns the orc characters. The rest of the film contains too many unenjoyable human characters and attempts […]


‘The Book Thief’ Steals The Spotlight On Blu-ray This March!

Ever since Gregg Senko had the iron balls to put this title as his number one movie of 2013 over here, I’ve been wanting to check this one out!  And who can blame him really?  I have heard nothing but good things about it.  So yes!  I’m eager and check me off as excited to […]


‘The Book Thief’ Is Perfectly Acceptable Oscar Bait (Movie Review)

It is strange that a film like The Book Thief will likely be facing an uphill battle in its efforts to be regarded as a praise-worthy film, beyond just the idea that sits as pure Oscar bait.  Granted, it is a WWII drama, set in Germany, based on a popular novel that deals with a […]