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’47 Meters Down’ Sequel Is Shallow, Not Shallows (Movie Review)

What exactly do we expect from a sequel nowadays? Heck, what should we expect from merely a title of a series? In the old days (the 80s) there’d be straightforward ones like Star Wars that audiences could easily latch onto as George Lucas expanded his saga. These days Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise might play […]


‘The Book Thief’ Steals The Spotlight On Blu-ray This March!

Ever since Gregg Senko had the iron balls to put this title as his number one movie of 2013 over here, I’ve been wanting to check this one out!  And who can blame him really?  I have heard nothing but good things about it.  So yes!  I’m eager and check me off as excited to […]


Gregg’s Top 10 Films of 2013

What an interesting year we had as it presented us with plenty of ammo at both ends of the quality spectrum. We had the horridness known as Machete Kills, as well as the brilliance of films such as J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek sequel. It was also another year of super heroes. Some arrived from the pages […]


‘The Book Thief’ Is Perfectly Acceptable Oscar Bait (Movie Review)

It is strange that a film like The Book Thief will likely be facing an uphill battle in its efforts to be regarded as a praise-worthy film, beyond just the idea that sits as pure Oscar bait.  Granted, it is a WWII drama, set in Germany, based on a popular novel that deals with a […]