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Beauty And The Beast (Blu-ray Review)

Since the emergence of the billion dollar box office smash Alice In Wonderland from director Tim Burton, Disney has been going down the list of its animated classics and adapting them into live action blockbusters. Some better than others (Malificent-blah, Jungle Book-wow, amazing!), but very much these films are sure to attract an audience and […]


Cruise Mummy Into Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe Announcement

We are just a few weeks away from the release of The Mummy (AKA Cruise Mummy), starring Tom Cruise and serving as the introduction to the newly dubbed “Dark Universe“. Yes, this press release from Universal Studios highlights the idea of using this upcoming (potential) blockbuster as the starting point of a new cinematic universe that updates […]


‘Beauty And The Beast’ Has Humans Again, But Only Adds So Much (Movie Review)

With Disney currently raking in enough piles of money to put Scrooge McDuck’s Money Bin to shame, it seemed like only a matter of time before audiences would get a live-action re-imagining of one of their modern classics. Beauty and the Beast is special for many and it represents a high water mark for the […]



The original Candyman is what I consider one of the absolute scariest horror films of all time.  Took a while for me to feel okay with looking in a mirror at night time after seeing that movie.  Tony Todd will always be associated with that role, but for good reason, he’s outstanding.  As was with […]


‘The Fifth Estate’ Has Plenty of Leaks (Movie Review)

It is almost funny how long I put off actually writing a review for The Fifth Estate, the Bill Condon-directed film, which adapts two different books that focus on the news-leaking website WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange.  The delay is not because I had a lot to consider, after seeing the film.  It is […]


Comic-Con 2011: Twilight

Hey all you TwiHearts, I had the pleasure of covering the Breaking Dawn Part 1 panel in Hall H at Comic Con on Thursday morning!  People had been in line since Sunday, talk about dedication.  I decided I better secure a place too, so I settled in about 7 pm the night before.  There were […]