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Beauty And The Beast (Blu-ray Review)

Since the emergence of the billion dollar box office smash Alice In Wonderland from director Tim Burton, Disney has been going down the list of its animated classics and adapting them into live action blockbusters. Some better than others (Malificent-blah, Jungle Book-wow, amazing!), but very much these films are sure to attract an audience and […]


Mr. Holmes (Blu-ray Review)

Oscar® nominee Sir Ian McKellen* joins fellow Academy Award® nominee Laura Linney**in the mysterious and intriguing Mr. Holmes, arriving on Digital HD October 27 and Blu-ray™ (plus Digital HD), DVD (plus Digital), and On Demand November 10 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Miramax®. Based on Mitch Cullin’s novel “A Slight Trick of the Mind,” written […]


X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut (Blu-ray Review)

Last year saw the release of X-Men: Days of Future Past. It was met with wide praise and box office success. With that in mind, there has been promise from Bryan Singer to release a different cut of the film that re-inserts a key sequence involving Anna Paquin’s Rogue back into the film. That cut […]


WonderCon 2014: 20th Century Fox Presentation Part 2: The Maze Runner, Secret Service & X-Men: Days of Future Past

So here is the second half of 20th Century Fox’s presentation at WonderCon.  Be sure to check out Part 1 HERE, but this post will cover a number of films presented by Fox in the Anaheim Convention Center’s Arena on Saturday at WonderCon.  The popular young adult book, The Maze Runner, has a feature film […]


The X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Full Trailer And A New Poster Debut

Here is the second trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past.  Given how quiet marketing has been, as far as revealing plot details regarding one of the best story lines in the X-Men comics goes, this new trailer will surely satisfy those on board with the popular mutant franchise, as it has plenty to offer as […]


‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Trailer Debuts

Last week saw the debut of the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  This week is all about X-Men: Days of Future Past, the latest mutant adventure, which will be based around one of the most iconic stories from X-Men comic series.  The most intriguing part of all of this is how this film […]