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Forgotten Friday Flick – “Turk 182!”

Since anarchy for a good cause seems to be a popular past picture theme for us, we’re keeping the bucking the system cinema going with another lesser known hidden gem – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  Today we’re taking on big government all in the name of a little guy who is in need of […]


Brandon’s 25 BEST Blu-rays Of The Double Dipping Year That Was 2016!

Its not like we’re winding down any time soon on films that still need to make it to the Blu-ray format.  There are ah-plenty.  Heck, there are films that still never made it to VHS or DVD.  2016 introduced us to 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.  The new wave, the new cream of the crop.  And […]


Black Christmas – Collector’s Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Black Christmas is a film that I’ve spent many years referring to as underrated, underseen, underappreciated, forgotten, unknown…you know the drill.  But, as I review this Blu-ray and I look back at it, I wonder if it really is any more.  If you’ll look at the bonus material, you’ll see there are a TON of […]


BLACK CHRISTMAS & DREAMSCAPE Collector’s Editions From Scream Factory Detailed!

This December, Scream Factory™ proudly presents two genre favorites as part of a month full of holiday horror and sci-fi season’s greetings. Black Christmas and Dreamscape come to Blu-ray in Scream Factory Collector’s Editions on December 13, 2016, both complete with new 2K scans of the films and hours of new bonus content. . . […]