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Gladiator (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

When it comes to the catalog title 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray game, Paramount seems to have a better handle on what to pick early on to upgrade. They seem to either go for something that’s pretty popular to being with in terms of something that always gets picked up no matter the format or they release […]


Blow-Up – The Criterion Collection (Blu-ray Review)

I was actually surprised to learn that Michelangelo Antonioni’s Blow-Up was not already in The Criterion Collection and simply making its Blu-ray debut. This 60’s classic tells a great story that defies convention by subverting the plot any viewer was expecting to see, while also presenting a good look at Swinging London. The result is […]


Brandon’s 25 BEST Blu-rays Of The Double Dipping Year That Was 2016!

Its not like we’re winding down any time soon on films that still need to make it to the Blu-ray format.  There are ah-plenty.  Heck, there are films that still never made it to VHS or DVD.  2016 introduced us to 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays.  The new wave, the new cream of the crop.  And […]


Barbarella (Blu-ray Review)

Here’s a surprise of a film I was surprised to see get a Blu-ray release. It’s the 1968 sci-fi romp, Barbarella, starring Jane Fonda. Yes, that Jane Fonda. I believe this is the film that forever made her a sex symbol. It’s the film that focused on Fonda primarily, and kept her politics and personal […]


Deep Red (Blu-ray Review)

Blue Underground continues to show mad love for Dario Argento on Blu-ray as do we in reviewing Dario Argento films on Why So Blu.  The latest offering from the Italian master of horror is his film Deep Red which is separate from his “Animal” trilogy and came before Suspiria. Argento was busy during the 70’s […]


Dario Argento’s ‘Deep Red’ Flows on Blu-ray May 17th

The hits just keep on hitting from our friends over at Blue Underground.  Coming in May, for the first time ever, in its restored English Version and Italian Director’s Cut is Dario Argento’s masterpiece Deep Red. After a psychic is brutally murdered by a madman wielding a hatchet, an English Jazz pianist who witnesses the […]