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Digital Collectors! Beloved Emmy Winning Series “Moonlighting” Available January 16th!

For the very first time, all five seasons of “Moonlighting” will be available at digital retailers, complete with the original Grammy-nominated title track recording by Al Jarreau. Each classic episode has been remastered in HD from the original film source. Fans can add the complete series to their digital collection on January 16 when “Moonlighting” […]


One Crazy Summer (Blu-ray Review)

In August, Warner Archive is dipping into the 80s teen comedy genre with the classic One Crazy Summer that loaded up a cast of John Cusack, Demi Moore, Bobcat Goldthwait and Curtis Armstrong. This feels like it could been an easy bargain bin title for Warner Bros many moons ago, but alas, in 2021 it […]


When Other New Kids Movies Fly Out, ‘Planes’ Flies In (Movie Review)

I guess there is something to be said for a Disney film like Planes: Fire & Rescue that does not try to go for the modern Disney approach of being a film for everyone, rather than just kids.  While there is nothing about this theatrical sequel to a film that was originally supposed to go […]


Revenge Of The Nerds (Blu-ray Review)

 Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds! […]


Planes: Fire & Rescue – New Trailer!

“Planes: Fire & Rescue” is a new comedy-adventure about second chances, featuring a dynamic crew of elite firefighting aircraft devoted to protecting historic Piston Peak National Park from raging wildfire. When world famous air racer Dusty (voice of Dane Cook) learns that his engine is damaged and he may never race again, he must shift gears […]