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Revenge Of The Nerds (Blu-ray Review)

 Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds!  Nerds! […]


NBFF Review: Save The Date

Wrapping up my work at 2012’s Newport Beach Film Festival, the last film I was able to attend was the romantic-themed comedy-drama, Save the Date.  Having just watched Lola Versus the previous night, I felt like I found myself more or less in familiar territory, except that Lola Versus took place amongst a hip bunch […]