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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Eight New Indie Titles

Making up for last week’s small cinema windfall, I’m pounding the movie pavement and taking on a massive eight indie flicks for full film examination for the fans.  Via online screeners, sample home product and even shelling bucks out of pocket (I’m a film freak who puts his movie dissection money where his mouth is!), […]


Blu-ray Giveaway Contest for Anchor Bay’s Ambushed!

My favorite PR person in the world is at it again making my life so amazing.  This time out she hits me with news of a new Anchor Bay Blu-ray giveaway she has to share with two lucky readers on our site.  The giveaway is in regards to tomorrow’s November 12th release of the action thriller […]


Midnight Movie: The Killer Cut (DVD Review)

When you think about it, horror movies are a lot like the hamburgers you get at McDonald’s.  McDonald’s seems to have no qualms about the fact that just about everyone agrees their food sucks, mainly because people continue consuming it.  They take the cheapest, weakest ingredients and mash ’em together to create a product that– […]