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Lightning Doesn’t Strike Twice With ‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’ (Movie Review)

I have been anxiously waiting for the past three years to see a sequel to one of my favorite films from 2015, Sicario.  Truth be told, it’s also one of my favorite 4K Ultra HD Blu-rays too.  Looks phenomenal and that opening blast scene…wow!  So here we are it’s 2018 and the sequel they have […]


Hell or High Water (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Hell or High Water is one of those films which reminds me of a moment in life that I kick myself for missing out on.  The Alamo Drafthouse here in Austin, TX had invited me to cover an advance screening of the film, which included cast members Foster, Pine and Bridges in attendance.  To sweeten the […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Eight New Indie Titles

Making up for last week’s small cinema windfall, I’m pounding the movie pavement and taking on a massive eight indie flicks for full film examination for the fans.  Via online screeners, sample home product and even shelling bucks out of pocket (I’m a film freak who puts his movie dissection money where his mouth is!), […]


Brian White’s ‘Sin’sational TOP 10 Films of 2016

It’s that time of the year again, and I’m not referring to the expensive Holiday season.  I’m talking about the dreaded TOP 10 Favorite Films lists us reviewers annually face.  While some of us love putting these lists together others I know absolutely dread it.  It could be the notion of the extra work involved […]


‘Hell Or High Water’ Serves Cinematic Justice (Movie Review)

The neo-western has been an interesting genre to keep an eye on. Many of these films take the staples of classic westerns, but are heavily informed by so much that has come before. Brilliant films such as No Country For Old Men or (a personal favorite) The Way of the Gun even get away with […]


Cross The Border To Check Out ‘Sicario’ (Movie Review)

Sicario is one of those titles that when the press screening invite hit my inbox I immediately fist pumped the air and screamed “oh hell yeah.”  There was just something about the theatrical trailer (in particular that hallway of dead bodies behind the walls), never mind my love for Villeneuve’s Prisoners, that instantly sucked me in and […]