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Hatchet II (Blu-ray Review)

Is it just I or has way too much time elapsed between when we last talked about Hatchet II here on the site?  Hmm…I thought that to be the case.  I mean come on, we only mentioned the film here, here, here, here and oh yeah…over here too.  Well don’t worry my little monsters (oh […]


Comic-Con 2010: Adam Green’s Hatchet II

Capping off my adventures at Comic-Con 2010 on Friday, July 23rd, I settled into a 4th row seat within room 32ab for the Hatchet II panel hosted by writer/director Adam Green.  I’ll be honest; I attended this primarily to get an up-close glimpse of the beautiful Danielle Harris (a favorite of mine from the old […]


Brian’s Halloween II Monster Bash

UrbanDictionary.com defines the term poop as “bodily waste of varying color, viscosity, shape, odor and texture.  Usually exits the body through your pooper, speed, noise and degree of pain may vary depending on what you ate.’  YourDictionary.com refers to poop as “excrement; feces.”  Dictionary.net speaks of poop as a noun to allude to obscene terms […]