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Clerks III (Blu-ray Review)

Kevin Smith’s Clerks series has appeared to be his most personal of the bunch. This third one coming now 16 years after the previous film (12 years between the first two). While Smith opts for a smaller theatrical run via his roadshow and the Fathom Event route, he’s still keen on Blu-ray releases. Clerks III […]


Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (Blu-ray Review)

I consider myself a fan of Kevin Smith. He made a couple of films in the 90s that I consider some of my favorites and has since spent time delivering his unique voice in a variety of ways, including more features, podcasts, and in public forums. With Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, the prospect of […]


‘Yoga Hosers’ Is A Skippable Midnight Movie Mess (Movie Review)

As one who has let his teenage fandom of Kevin Smith grow into continual admiration, as the New Jerseyan writer/director has forged a new career centered around podcasting and various forms of public speaking, in addition to occasionally making films, Yoga Hosers feels like another test. Following the walrus-themed horror-comedy Tusk, his latest features finds […]