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Southern Gothic Slasher THE DEVIL’S DOLLS Makes its Blu-ray Debut December 6th

A serial killer’s curse unleashes a season of slaughter in the backwoods of Mississippi in the grisly slasher The Devil’s Dolls. Available December 6th, 2016 from Scream Factory, in conjunction with IFC Midnight, this visceral film goes beyond the typical midnight slasher, featuring an incredibly intense, tightly-paced story and character-driven Southern Gothic thrills. . .


Intruder (Movie Review)

Coming Friday, June 24th by IFC Midnight, Intruder is (as the title suggests) a home invasion thriller that depicts one woman’s unsettling weekend home alone, written and directed by Travis Zarwiny. Starring Louise Linton as Elizabeth, a young cellist in the Portland Oregon Symphony, decides to escape the stresses of her life by retreating to […]


What We Become is an intimate story of a horrific outbreak (Movie Review)

IFC Midnight presents What We Become.  Starring Mille Dinesen and directed by Bo Mikkelsen, this Danish horror/thriller follows a suburban family who have been quarantined into their home due to a severe and contagious viral outbreak.  Isolated from the rest of the world, teen Gustav spies out and realizes that the situation is far from […]


Sacrifice (Movie Review)

From IFC Midnight comes Sacrifice starring Radha Mitchell as Tora Hamilton a Consultant Surgeon who, along with her husband Duncan Guthrie (Rupert Graves), has moved to the remote Shetland Islands.  There they plan to adopt their first child as they have been unable to naturally conceive.  Since her husband grew up on these Scottish islands […]


The Babadook Has A Special Holiday Message!

The Babadook is the best horror film of the year (review HERE) and IFC Midnight had the brilliant idea of allowing Mister Babadook to send a wonderful holiday message to everyone.  So now, continue on and see ‘How the ‘Dook Stole Christmas.’ ‘ ‘ ‘


Get ‘Wrecked’ with Adrien Brody

Here’s a special announcement from our friends at IFC Midnight for the film Wrecked starring Adrien Brody.  Brody plays a man who has awakened at the bottom of a cliff.  He has no memory of how or why he’s down there.  Battered, bloody, and bruised, he will try to free himself from the wreckage.  Wrecked […]