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Top 20: Aaron’s Odds & Ends of 2014

I enjoy putting together different year end lists, as they tend to function as a way for me to put emphasis on a lot of film that I would hope people check out at some point (or avoid, in the case of the ‘Worst of’ list).  This year, given how I have ranked a large […]


The Babadook Has A Special Holiday Message!

The Babadook is the best horror film of the year (review HERE) and IFC Midnight had the brilliant idea of allowing Mister Babadook to send a wonderful holiday message to everyone.  So now, continue on and see ‘How the ‘Dook Stole Christmas.’ ‘ ‘ ‘


The Babadook Is Creep…Creep…Creepy (Movie Review)

The Babadook sits high on the list, as far as 2014 horror films go.  Produced on a small budget, working with a limited cast, using some creativity, and creating some already iconic imagery, this is a film that gets away with treading familiar ground, because the approach is so effective.  Working as both a psychological […]