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Underworld: Awakening (Blu-ray Review)

The world needed another Underworld film, right?  Of course it did!  Don’t kid yourself for one single minute that Kate Beckinsale’s tight, formfitting black leather outfit doesn’t fill theater seats.  Of course it/she does!  And don’t fret!  Sony Pictures didn’t let us down.  Not by a long shot, in my opinion.  There’s plenty of Kate […]


UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING Rises on Blu-ray May 8th

Okay.  This one can go either way.  I know some people that hated this film and some people that loved it.  Put me down for pleasantly surprised.  I went into the theatrical screening of this one with very low expectations and I came out liking it.  Why?  Because it was a hot, skin tight black […]