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Stuart Gordon: A Career Retrospective

With the recent passing of famed filmmaker Stuart Gordon, it felt appropriate to pay tribute to one of the genre’s most notorious helmers with a look back at the talented writer/director’s long film career.  From cool cheddar fare (Robot Jox is still a guilty pleasure!) to flicks that changed the game (Re-Animator is a classic […]


Doctor Strange (Blu-ray Review)

Doctor Strange is a Marvel comics character I was fully aware of, knew what he looked like, kinda understood his powers and the like, but knew not much of and backreading or the details of him.  Couldn’t tell you his villains or allies or big arcs he went through.  I believe I did see that […]


The Doctor And The Devils (Blu-ray Review)

When most people think of Mel Brooks, they always turn to the funny.  Whether it be television with Get Smart or most notably his incredible directorial run of movies like The Producers, Blazing Saddles, Young Frankenstein and History Of The World: Part 1, that’s what he’s pretty much made his bread and butter on.  However, […]


Underworld: Awakening (Blu-ray Review)

The world needed another Underworld film, right?  Of course it did!  Don’t kid yourself for one single minute that Kate Beckinsale’s tight, formfitting black leather outfit doesn’t fill theater seats.  Of course it/she does!  And don’t fret!  Sony Pictures didn’t let us down.  Not by a long shot, in my opinion.  There’s plenty of Kate […]