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The Lost Boys (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Being a horror fan and disc collector, September and October become exciting times for new releases and upgrades and struggling times for my wallet. Even the big studios get involved with their catalog this time of the year. Its the trendy thing to cash in on. Warner Bros is doing that and will be updating […]


The Lost Boys – The Thirst (DVD Review)

The third installment of The Lost Boys trilogy, (The Lost Boys, The Lost Boys – The Tribe, and now this one The Lost Boys – The Thirst), is out now and is better than the poorly received yet profitable previous movie.  This time around, Corey Feldman has an Executive Producer title as well because he […]


Lost Boys: The Thirst Official Trailer

Wow!  I never saw this one coming.  I know they set it up in the deleted scenes of the 2nd Lost Boys film, but with the untimely death of Corey Haim, I never thought a third film would ever come to fruition, not to mention so quickly.  Well folks get ready for some more vampire […]