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Copshop (Blu-ray Review)

This year has been a very interesting one for the film world.  Some movies were sent straight into the home.  Some had hybrid releases.  Some came and went without so much as a peep.  Copshop is one of the latter variety.  The film came and went with little to no fanfare from its distributor Universal […]


Visit the Copshop on Blu-ray December 7th!

Action stars Gerard Butler (Greenland, Angel Has Fallen) and Frank Grillo (The Grey, The Purge: Anarchy) deliver a “a fun-as-hell action flick” (Bulletproof Action) in this edge-of-your-seat thriller, COPSHOP, available to own on Digital November 23, 2021 and on Blu-ray™ and DVD December 7, 2021 from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, […]


Aaron’s Top 10 Films of 2012 And Other Odds & Ends

Now it is time to dig into the list of what I consider to be my favorite films of 2012.  I have to say that this was not the easiest list to put together.  Theatrically, I have seen 120+ films this year, so there were a lot of films to give praise to and consider […]


Jack London Would Be Proud Of Neeson’s Fight For Survival In ‘The Grey’

It seems like Liam Neeson has been given quite the upgrade from tall, steadfast lead actor to confident, ass-kicking action start in recent years.  Neeson has certainly been reliable in years past, but since Taken, no one seems to question whether or not Neeson has the capabilities of taking someone down if he has to.  […]