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Cars 3 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

In the world of Pixar, it used to be that they typically didn’t cash in on making a boatload of sequels beside Toy Story. Now, we have Monsters University and Finding Dory recently with an Incredibles 2 on the way.  But, the odd outlier is now the Cars series, as it now has as many […]


‘Cars 3’ Cruises With Lightning (Movie Review)

I think of Pixar’s Cars franchise as a harmless source of income for the acclaimed studio. Yes, Pixar is matched more frequently now by other animation studios than when Finding Nemo came out, so Cars is put down for so clearly resting on a lower tier than other Pixar efforts. I am no different as […]



Django Unchained, My favorite film of 2012 arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on April 16th and for people in Los Angeles, who are interested, they will have a chance to go on a bounty hunt revolving around this release.  Why So Blu guru, Brian White, has already reviewed the iTunes Digital Download, but I am […]


Django Unchained (iTunes HD Digital Download Review)

“Django, have you always been alone?  Django, have you never loved again?  Love will live on, Oh Oh Oh…Life must go on, Oh Oh Oh…For you cannot spend you life regretting.  Django, you must face another day.  Django, now your love has gone away.  Once you loved her, whoa-oh…Now you’ve lost her, whoa-oh-oh-oh…But you’ve lost […]


Django Unchained: A Fistful Of Tarantino (Movie Review)

Admittedly, this review may be more straightforward than others, because Django Unchained has been my most anticipated film of the year and it managed to deliver in every respect. Much like Bond films, a new film by Quentin Tarantino is very much an event for me. I get really excited, rewatch his past work, and […]


Comic Con 2012: Django Unchained

Let’s get this out of the way now, Saturday at Comic Con was an exhausting time for anyone who wanted to get into Hall H.  This is of course the biggest hall for panels at the San Diego Convention Center and Saturday proved to be the day that anyone who wanted to get in would […]