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Step Up Revolution Dances its Way to Blu-ray

The fourth installment in the Step Up franchise continued to deliver on what the series does best; showcase some incredible dancing that features a combination of hip hop, ballet and expressionist choreography with an emphasis on the hip hop part.  The cast excels in their dance ability amidst a backdrop of romance, a little soul-searching and doing […]


Step Up Revolution Movie Review – Just Seen It

Welcome to the fourth installment in the STEP UP franchise. Teresa and Rachel discuss the surprisingly good acting and script that only complement the amazing dance sequences as they try to convince Sean to put on his dancing shoes and go SEE IT! Starring Kathryn McCormick, Ryan Guzman and Cleopatra Coleman. Directed by Scott Speer.Written […]


‘Step Up Revolution’ Is A Dance-tastic Step Down

People may have to stick with me on this, but I, myself, have stuck with this Step Up franchise for no discernible reason, beyond the fact that the choreography has always been impressive.  Despite the lack of Channing Tatum (who began as a bland, pretty face in the first Step Up and is now a […]


‘Step Up Revolution’ Jams to Similar Beat

Director Scott Speer is the man in charge in this fourth go-around in the Step Up franchise. He picks up where Jon Chu’s third installment left off in 2010…sort of. What was arguably the best film in the series, Step Up 3, or Step Up 3D as it was originally called, is a tough one […]



Ordinarily this is not my cup of tea, but when one of my favorite press agents in the Cleveland area market asked me to post this, how am I supposed to say no?  I’m too nice of a guy.  Anyway, I’m sure just seeing this here on the pages of Why So Blu will put […]