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The Big Lebowski – 20th Anniversary Edition (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Two decades the Coen Bros followed their heavily acclaimed and Academy beloved film Fargo with the neo-noir comedy The Big Lebowski. The film straight up bombed and the critics didn’t see to care much for it either. Little did we all know, it would became what is probably the biggest cult film of the 1990s […]


No Holds Barred (Blu-ray Review)

Hulk Hogan was a mega star in the (then) World Wrestling Federation (WWF).  He was one of those “larger than life” personalities.  His presence got a whole generation into pro wrestling for at least a good while.  Personally, I even went and saw him live once.  I was young and didn’t see how fake it […]


‘Being Human’ is Syfy’s Big Winner

So a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost move in together.  It sounds like the makings of a bar joke, doesn’t it?  It’s actually the basis for the Syfy channel’s Being Human, a show that is anything but a joke.  Originally a product of the UK, Being Human has made its way to the US […]