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Being Human: The Complete Season Two (Blu-ray Review)

From the creative team behind “Pillars of the Earth,” “The Mentalist” and “Heroes”, “Being Human” is Syfy’s re-imagining of the acclaimed UK series created by Toby Whithouse (now in its fifth season overseas).  Starring Sam Witwer (“Smallville”, “Battlestar Galactica”), Meaghan Rath (“The Assistants”) and Sam Huntington (Superman Returns), “Being Human” follows three paranormal, 20-something roommates living in a Boston […]


Gregg’s Top 10 Blu-rays of 2011

So many Blu-rays, so little time. If I bought every disc I wanted to see this year, I would’ve gone broke before the summer ended. There were some great releases that didn’t make my list such as Swingers, Attack the Block, and True Blood: Season 3. Then there were the sure-fire films I thought would make […]


‘Being Human’ is Syfy’s Big Winner

So a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost move in together.  It sounds like the makings of a bar joke, doesn’t it?  It’s actually the basis for the Syfy channel’s Being Human, a show that is anything but a joke.  Originally a product of the UK, Being Human has made its way to the US […]