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Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection – Collector’s Series (Blu-ray Review)

One of my long standing wishlist titles for Blu-ray have been for the remaining sequels to Silent Night, Deadly Night to find their day in the sun. And at last, on December 13th, they finally will see that dawn. Vestron Video Collector’s Series from Lionsgate has updated their DVD 3 film set and is bringing […]


SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT Collection Arrives December 13 On A “Naughty” Blu-ray!

Killer Santa Claus comes to town for the first time on Blu-ray™ as the Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection arrives December 13 on Blu-ray™ + Digital from Lionsgate. Featuring all-new special features and starring Academy Award® nominee Mickey Rooney, the Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection will be available on Blu-ray + Digital on the 13th of December. . . .


Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Do you recall when you were small…and reindeer flew, snowmen spoke, and Santa came to town?  On November 3rd, kick off the holidays with the family favorites from the Original Christmas Classics Anniversary Collection featuring the Blu-ray release of THE ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS CLASSICS ANNIVERSARY COLLECTOR’S EDITION GIFT SET featuring all-new bonus material, including singing, fun […]


Erik The Viking (Blu-ray Review)

From one Monty Python veteran’s film to the other, Olive Films is also giving Terry Jones’ Erik The Viking a Blu-ray update.  Terry Jones’ also wrote the children’s book The Saga Of Erik The Viking several years before shooting this movie.  Aside from the titles being very much in common, the book and the movie have really […]


The Twilight Zone: The Complete Fifth Season (DVD Review)

It’s time to enter the fifth season of the fifth dimension when The Twilight Zone: The Complete Fifth Season returns with all 36 episodes from the groundbreaking sci-fi/fantasy series’ final season.  Submitted for your approval, is the wildest and (dare we say) weirdest season of Rod Serling’s iconic series, containing such memorable episodes as “Nightmare at […]


Pete’s Dragon: 35th Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Rediscover with your family the endearing story between Pete and his invisible dragon friend Elliott as they develop a special bond and share a magical friendship. With memorable characters and heartwarming songs including the 1977 Academy Award “Best Original Song” nominee, “Candle On The Water,” Pete’s Dragon 35th Anniversary is the perfect timeless classic every member of […]