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Silent Night, Deadly Night Collection – Collector’s Series (Blu-ray Review)

One of my long standing wishlist titles for Blu-ray have been for the remaining sequels to Silent Night, Deadly Night to find their day in the sun. And at last, on December 13th, they finally will see that dawn. Vestron Video Collector’s Series from Lionsgate has updated their DVD 3 film set and is bringing […]


Rollerball (1975) (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Rollerball has had quite the journey in the United States during the Blu-ray era of home video. Originally release a pair of times by the not quite defunct Twilight Time label and then last year by Scorpion releasing, it makes its debut on 4K Ultra-HD via Shout! Factory under its Scream Factory label. The release […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist for 2020!

Welcome back to another edition of Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist. The second one this year as 2019’s had to be pushed to January last time. But alas, I’m back and on time here with another set of 10 films or TV programs that have yet to be blessed/restored/made-over with the Blu-ray format (Or 4K Ultra-HD now […]