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The Private Lives Of Elizabeth And Essex (Blu-ray Review)

We have to be nearing the Warner Archive Collection release of Captain Blood, right? They seem to be strolling through the catalog of legendary director Michael Curtiz with an almost monthly regularity. He and actor Errol Flynn are also one of the earliest and most famed director/actor combinations of all time. This month of May, […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist for 2020!

Welcome back to another edition of Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist. The second one this year as 2019’s had to be pushed to January last time. But alas, I’m back and on time here with another set of 10 films or TV programs that have yet to be blessed/restored/made-over with the Blu-ray format (Or 4K Ultra-HD now […]


The Sea Hawk (Blu-ray Review)

Warner Archive hits double duty in terms of specific classic cinematic wants for Blu-ray aficionados and old school films lovers. More old swash buckling adventures of Errol Flynn and more films from legendary Hollywood workman director Michael Curtiz. Luckily that can be you can hit two birds with one stone quite easy with these two […]