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East Of Eden (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Warner Bros has been gifting us some of the catalog titles from its 100 year history in 2023 for said centennial anniversary celebration. We’ve seen the likes of James Dean already with Rebel Without A Cause’s debut on 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray. On August 1st, we’ll be receiving his breakout and Academy Award nominated performance in […]


Santa Fe Trail (Blu-ray Review)

I’ll probably sound like a very broken record here, but one of my favorite things to look out for in the Warner Archive monthly set of catalog releases is a new one from the filmography of Michael Curtiz. The director has a ton of movies to his name, so there is a lot still out […]


‘The Woman In The Window’ [Eureka! Masters of Cinema] on Blu-ray & DVD May 20, 2019!

One of legendary director Fritz Lang’s first noir films, The Woman in the Window is also rightfully considered one of the most important examples of the genre, a landmark movie that became one of the initial representations of noir first singled out by French critics after WWII. A triumph for Lang, legendary writer/producer Nunnally Johnson […]