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Halloween: The Curse Of Michael Myers At 25 And Other Films With Alternate Versions

Following a seven-year absence, September 29th, 1995, saw the long-awaited return of cinema’s most haunting shape, Michael Myers. For myself, as I’m sure for many other fans, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers was the first time I had the opportunity to see my favorite bogeyman on the big screen. As strange as the Thorn cult was, […]


The Legend Of Hercules (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Way back when, in the ye old times of the year two thousand and fourteen, there were two cinematic adventures of the half man half god Hercules at the box office for the enjoyment of those seeking entertainment. One boasted a behemoth, bonafide megastar. The other, Kellan Lutz. Today we’re here to talk about the […]


Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles

There’s no shortage of lessor known film fare this week, though not all the movie news is good.  But frankly scouring the smaller cinema is a lot like gambling – even though the house has the advantage there’s always hope for that rare big payday.  (Aka gems and duds will get reviewed!)  Going from high […]


A Mythic Hero Is Brought to Life In ‘The Legend of Hercules’ Arriving On 3D Blu-ray April 29 From Lionsgate Home Entertainment

From director Renny Harlin, a whole new take on Hercules is coming soon to Blu-ray and DVD.  I “missed” this one in theaters, but now I will get to see if it has any sort of redeeming value this April.  Here are some more official words about it:  Kellen Lutz stars in the action-adventure, The […]


Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy (Blu-ray Review)

I’m a big big fan and lover of the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise.  I grew up with Freddy Krueger as well as Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.  Freddy became the absolute phenomenon of those guys though.  He was everywhere.  And he’s left an incredible legacy and a ton of fans.  Never Sleep Again […]